Women and AI

We are exploring the different types of interaction between women and Artificial Intelligence, from an intersectional perspective:

  • The role of women in AI, particularly in ecosystems like the one in Montreal
  • The lack of data on issues exclusively affecting women (e.g. feminicides or forced sterilizations of indigenous women)
  • The invisibility of women in most datasets where men are the default
  • The representation of women in gendered technologies (voice assistants, robots, etc.)
  • The effects of AI on gendered social dynamics (digital sexuality, social robots, etc.)
  • Discriminatory algorithmic biases


The main research questions are:

  • How can we fight gender bias from different geographical and cultural perspectives?
  • How to increase the visibility of women, especially women of color and indigenous people, in the data collected?
  • How to decolonize and degender Artificial Intelligence?
  • How to reconcile the ethical commitments of academics, governments, and companies on responsible AI with the reality observed on the ground?
  • What actions can be taken now to improve the place of women in technology while considering other intersectional factors?

For questions, contact Project Director Claire Boine (cboin029[at]uottawa.ca)

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