The Inclusive Technology Lab focuses on the application of modelling techniques to promote inclusion, deliberative democracy and equality. Notably, the lab welcomes researchers in data science and in computer science who want to explore these themes, with the objective of producing legal and policy recommendations within the Faculty of Law. The lab also provides training to researchers in political science and other social science fields that want to explore quantitative and computational research methods. Finally, the lab is also intended to be a place to design and test, in a pluridisciplinary way, legal tools promoting responsible artificial intelligence. 

The lab is currently developing the following scientific research axes:

  1. Inclusion and vulnerability in modelling for political decision making
  2. Use of modelling for humanitarian purposes or for the attainment of the sustainable development goals
  3. Modelling to measure deliberative quality and democratic participation
  4. The impact of new technologies on discrimination and inequality
  5. Valorization and sharing of data for the common good


For all questions, please contact: Eleonore Fournier-Tombs: efourni6 (@)

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